Passport Stamps is your source for reality-based foreign policy analysis and tales from travels to weird places.

I spent years as a journalist reporting from some of the world’s most dangerous and mysterious locations, including Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Yemen. After that, I worked for the government producing oversight reports on military operations in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. I’m a non-partisan, non-political realist who breaks down complicated foreign policy challenges.

I’m also a raconteur who has seen the best and worst of humanity and loves to share candid tales of experiences roaming around weird places.

Passport Stamps is a newsletter and site where you will find a mix of essays and musings on international affairs topics and anecdotes from my travels. The site includes deleted chapters and scenes from my book in progress: Passport Stamps, Searching the World for a War to Call Home.

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Former NPR Kabul correspondent. Foreign policy and international affairs expert. World traveler, scuba diver, and Afghan cat rescuer.